Generative AI for Marketing | Personalization | Personas | Segmentation

Reach the right customer

with the right message

at the right time

to maximize the impact of your marketing budget

Generative AI, for inspired marketing



Step 1 - Create your business profile
Fill out a detailed ai assisted profile in minutes with our streamlined onboarding.

This critical context will drive the creation of incredibly accurate marketing deliverables across multiple channels and categories.

Category Description



Step 2 - Brand deliverables
Create brand level marketing deliverables. Marketing plans, competitor analysis brand awareness campaigns and more.

Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Plan
CRO Checklist
SEO Checklist
Blog Ideas



Step 3 - Persona level deliverables
Now flex the full potential of generative ai by producing content and deliverables for each and every persona.

Generative ai gives you an excellent jumping off point in identifying your target consumer personas, then create deliverables specific to each and every persona

Sports and Activities
Health and Wellness
Product and Creative
Product Concepts
Ad Creative
Marketing Deliverables
Target Audiences
Target SEO Keywords



Step 4 - Product level deliverables
Go even further by importing your product catalog and generating product specific deliverables.

Keyword recommendations, ad creative, organic social posts and more. All at your fingertips, generated within seconds at the push of a button.

Ad Creative
Product Variations
Organic Social
Marketing Deliverables

Generate the market intelligence,

to power the experiences of tomorrow.

Generative AI for Marketing | Personalization | Personas | Segmentation



Batch generate marketing deliverables at scale from a single business profile.



Generate brand level deliverables with the push of a button, including market and competitor analysis, SEO and CRO checklists, blog ideas and more. All specifically tailored to your brand.



Take your marketing and personalization to the next level.
Isolate distinct personas by interests, style, consumer behavior and more.
Batch generate deliverables for each distinct persona.



Even create deliverables specific to each product in your catalog. including product descriptions, concepts ad creative, keyword suggestions and more.

Generate more than you ever thought possible. Personalization at scale. Marketing reinvented.

It's time to unlock the  power of generative ai.

Stop wasting money on marketing, product and collaboration initiatives that miss the mark.



Build out your business profile with some basic information about your brand, products and competitors.

Let our powerful generative ai take it from there.

Generate brand level deliverables, persona level content and even product specific marketing materials.

All through indra's seemless interface. The power of true personalization at your fingertips, with the push of a button.



Get brand level marketing deliverables.

Set the course for your business with an in depth market and competitor analysis, SEO and CRO checklists, blog ideas and more.

All generated in seconds with the push of a button and tailored specifically to your profile.

Update, refine, save copies and share.



From there, delve deeper into individual personas and consumer segments.

Our powerful platform generates detailed predictive persona groups for your business. Complete with product descriptions, imagery and more.

Then it gets really cool. Drill down into each persona and create marketing deliverables specific to each persona.

True 1:1 personalization, at your fingertips.

Gone are the days (and resource constraints) of manually creating managing an order of magnitude more content for a personalized marketing funnel.



Are you not impressed yet? Don't worry - we've got more...
Upload your complete Shopify product catalogue to generate a suite of product specific marketing content and deliverables.

Product descriptions, ad creatives, organic posts, marketing deliverables and more.

Get reliable answers to critical business questions.

Stop guessing and set out on the path to truly intelligent growth.



How does it work?

We gather information about your business with our streamlined onboarding workflow.

Then we leverage that info to batch generate dozens of actionable deliverables.

For your brand, distinct consumer profiles and even individual products.

Things like market and competitor analysis, ad creative, SEO and CRO checklists, blog ideas, product concepts and more.

All available at your fingertips with the push of a button.

Fully customizable. Use as isor as a jumping off point and refine to your hearts content.

if you need it, inspire can generate it

Dozens of marketing deliverables, with the push of a button.



Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Marketing Plan
CRO Checklist
SEO Checklist
Blog Ideas

fully customizable,

update text deliverable

choose image styles

regenerate content

manually update text and images

easy to use.


simple user experience

Marketing content, creative and strategy - tailored to your brand.



Even generate distinct persona segments and deliverables for each persona

Inspire generates personas based off of your brand profile.

Then generate any marketing deliverables per persona.

Dozens of deliverables at your fingertips.




All AI powered, and dynamically generated in real time...

to build the most meaningful, insightful and accurate personas and marketing deliverables for each.



But wait, there's more.

Import your entire product catalog.

Generate actionalble deliverables per product.

No more spending weeks to months generating fully optimized product pages and supporting marketing deliverables.

Product descriptions

Keyword recomnedations

Social and serch ads

Organic social posts

and more...

Are you ready to level up your marketing game?

Leverage your audiences to personalize digital experiences and optimize digital marketing

Onsite experience

Paid digital


Loyalty and Retention


We install your fully customized experience, anywhere in the consumer journey.


We collect the most valuable customer data in an engaging way.


Then, we put the data to work, optimizing your marketing channels and site experience.

Indra personas

We identify precise and informative personas of your consumers, backed by quality, actionable data. Let our cutting edge machine learning crunch the data and tell you who your most distinct consumers groups are.

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better decisions
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